Thermal Sentry In Use

Thermal Sentry Coronavirus Thermal Camera ScannerThermal Sentry Coronavirus Thermal Camera ScannerAn employee is ready to start his shift and is being thermal scanned for any signs of fever.

This scan will give an instant acknowledgement of temperature suitability and if required, email HR or other email recipient of the alert state.

The ThermalSentry system can integrate with existing RFID tags or can be supplied with its own set.

The system may also have NO CONTACT visitor name entry via radio keyboard and a reception operative behind a safe screen, if preferred.

ThermalSentry is complete and ready to simply plug into an existing wall mains electricity socket and becomes a ‘stand alone’ solution.

If required, the ThermalSentry can be plugged into any ethernet network or may be communicated via WiFi client or hot spot thus allowing for remote network monitoring and historical data storage and analysis.

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